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6 Factors That Affect Wellbeing

The PERMA-H model of wellbeing was theorized by Martin Seligman, also known as the father of positive psychology. This model summarizes the various factors that contribute to life satisfaction, happiness, and improved quality of life.

P - Positive Emotions: How often do you experience heartfelt positive feelings such as joy, contentment, awe and satisfaction to boost your resilience.

E - Engagement: How strongly to you feel engaged with people, experiences, work or activities. Developing and using our strengths.

R - Relationships: The strength and quality of relationships that make you feel good and satisfied. Authentic and energizing connections.

M - Meaning: How you find a sense of meaning or purpose in your life and feel a sense of fulfillment in life. A sense of being connected to something larger than ourselves.

A - Accomplishment: Feeling a sense of pride in ones achievements and contributions. The belief and ability to do the things that matter to us most.

H - Health: To care for our physical body through nutrition, movement and quality sleep. To feel a sense of vitality and energy to take action and move towards what we desire.

So if you are looking to review and assess your current wellbeing, maybe check in to see how you are doing with your PERMA-H lately. For a quick boost to your wellbeing, choose one aspect of PERMA-H you want to focus on each day or each week and take one intentional step towards that goal, notice it, feel it, accomplish it and celebrate it!

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